Specialist rope access services from REMO on a remotely located wind turbine.

Turbine Specialist Rope Access

Remo Technical Services is part of an international group of companies that have pioneered specialist and industrial rope access solutions across Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. Our sister company Vertech Group in the Asia Pacific and Sonomatic RAIS across Europe and the Americas have delivered millions of hours of specialist and rope access projects across market verticals such as Hydro, Wind, Oil and Gas, Mining and Infrastructure.

Being a holistic access provider, we are recognised industry-wide for providing the best access systems for each situation. Our vision is to educate people on the pros and cons of each strategy to drive safety, cost and time efficiency across the industry.

Our Services

REMO technician peforming Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services on a wind turbine.

REMO Technical Services is pioneering specialist access systems within the Renewables sector.

REMO Technical Services’ teams are innovating specialist access systems by evaluating the most suitable method and system that offers its clients, its people, and the wider industry, time efficiencies, safety improvements, and cost reductions.




Kaban Wind Farm project including construction and installation of wind turbines as a main installation contractor for Vestas.