Panoramic aerial view of a coastal wind farm with multiple turbines along the lush landscape, highlighting renewable energy and natural scenery.

Esperance Wind Farm

In 2021, REMO mobilised the rope access team to execute a tower cleaning scope on behalf of Goldwind. The access method chosen allowed the crew to access the base of the nacelle to complete a cleaning area of 20M down the main turbine column.

Services: Inspection, Maintenance & Repair (IMR); Specialist Rope Access.
Client: Goldwind.
Schedule: 3 Months.

Esperance Wind Farm

The Esperance Wind Farm, as part of the Esperance Power Project in Western Australia, signifies a significant advancement in the region’s move towards renewable energy. In 2022, the Esperance community embraced this new integrated power solution, which combines solar and wind power to generate up to 46% of the town’s electricity. This development marks a long-term commitment to providing clean electricity by reducing the carbon footprint and increasing renewable energy generation.

The project includes two new wind turbines and a central solar farm, among other elements. In partnership with Pacific Energy, Horizon Power has been instrumental in this initiative. The project was officially opened in May 2022 by Horizon Power and Pacific Energy, joined by Western Australian Premier Hon Mark McGowan and Minister for Energy Hon Bill Johnston. Horizon Power had previously announced awarding the Power Purchase Agreement to Contract Power Australia (CPA) for supplying electricity to Esperance for the next 20 years, starting in 2022.

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