Offshore wind turbines captured at sunset with a dramatic sky, viewed from a perspective with turbine blades in the foreground, highlighting sustainable ocean energy.

Turbine Inspection & Testing

As part of the Vertech Group of Companies, we are able to offer a comprehensive array of drone inspections globally through our sister company’s AUAV, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) through Sonomatic and Sonomatic RAIS, geotechnical surveying through Abseil Access, subsea inspection, cleaning and maintenance through Geo Oceans and Blue Ocean Monitoring as well as QA/QC at each phase of a wind farms cycle.

UAV Survey & Digital Twin

UAV drone inspection of wind turbine conducted by the team at REMO Technical Services.

AUAV has been recognised each year by Drone Industry Insights as one of the Top 20 drone service providers globally. The AUAV team specialise in leveraging advanced drone technology to conduct comprehensive and efficient inspections of wind turbines to allow for proactive repairs and maintenance to extend the life of the turbine and farm. Key services to support the renewables and wind industry include:

Non-Destructive Testing - Wind Turbines

REMO technician peforming Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) services on a wind turbine.

Wind turbines inevitably encounter wear and tear, damage and require proactive maintenance and inspection throughout their lifecycle. Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) can be especially effective at identifying issues or defects on the main rotor shaft, circumferential weld flanges and ancillary bolts.

Sonomatic RAIS in Europe and Vertech Group in the ASIA Pacific, provide TOFD, ACFM and Phased Array Bolt inspections for wind turbines and their component parts during multiple stages of their lifecycle, ensuring the best performance and minimal costs for the operator. Some of the benefits of Advanced NDT inspection include:

  • Fast Screening Techniques
  • Early Detection of Fatigue Cracks
  • Fully Recordable Data for Archiving
  • Data Comparison for Repeat Inspections
  • Reliable Testing Methods

Subsea Inspection

Subsea ROV mooring chain connections inspections by REMO.

Our sister company Geo Oceans utilises Observation Class Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) and Blue Ocean Marine Services delivers Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs) services to conduct comprehensive inspections of offshore wind farms. The inspection services provided by Geo Oceans include:

  • Structural Assessments: Visual inspection of foundations, support structures, and subsea cables.
  • Condition Monitoring: Detailed data collection to monitor asset conditions for early issue detection.
  • Environmental Monitoring: ROVs & AUVs with software like Go Visions assess the environmental impact of offshore wind farms to ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Subsea ROV & AUV

REMO ROV subsea cable inspection services provided in Australia.

Geo Oceans’ use of ROVs and AUVs ensures a thorough and efficient inspection process, contributing to the integrity, safety, and sustainability of offshore wind farm operations.

  • Subsea Cable Inspections: AUVs are deployed for the inspection of subsea cables, identifying potential damage, and wear that could impact the reliability of power transmission.
  • Data Analysis and Reporting: Our team use various technologies and software packages to provide detailed reports, analysis and quantitative assessments through our environmental and subsea specialist teams.