REMO also provides full turn-key decommissioning services for older wind turbines in the UK and Australia.

Turbine Decommissioning

Embark on a journey towards responsible and efficient wind turbine decommissioning with Remo Technical Services. With the average lifespan of wind farms spanning 20 to 25 years, the decommissioning phase becomes a critical aspect of renewable energy planning. As specialists in this crucial phase, we understand the significance of a well-executed decommissioning process. Our expertise ensures the seamless dismantling of turbines, emphasising safety, sustainability, and the proper disposal of decommissioned components.

At Remo Technical Services, we recognise that decommissioning is a pivotal element of wind energy sustainability. By choosing our services, you opt for a meticulous approach that adheres to industry standards and goes above and beyond to minimise environmental impact. We are committed to managing the entire process, from initial planning to site restoration, ensuring compliance with regulations and industry best practices. Contact us today to discuss how we can tailor our decommissioning services to meet your needs, ensuring a smooth transition and a brighter tomorrow.

Our Services

Specialist labour supply managed by REMO for wind turbine installation, repair and maintenance, available in the UK and Australia.

Specialists in Decommissioning Services, REMO Technical Services have delivered a number of unique and complex decommissioning projects including lightning strikes, blade wraparound, and major component failures. REMO Technical Services draws on a diverse range of experience and expertise within our team to develop tailor-made solutions to the individual challenges presented by decom work mechanically & electrically.

Unique rigging configurations, engineered lift plans, and developing isolation methods where existing equipment has been compromised form part of the solutions that are designed for specific situations and circumstances.

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