Inspection, maintenance and repair service packages for wind turbines, supplied in wet and dry areas by REMO.

Turbine Inspection, Maintenance & Repair

Maintenance and inspection are critical pillars of Remo Technical Services’ strategy for sustainable energy services. Scheduled maintenance activities are crucial for wind turbines’ ongoing performance and longevity. Routine maintenance minimises downtime and maximises energy output by proactively replacing worn components and optimising system efficiency.

This strategic approach protects the substantial investment in wind energy infrastructure and contributes to the overall reliability of the renewable energy generation process. Through meticulous and timely maintenance, Remo Technical Services ensures that wind turbines operate at their full potential, advancing the company’s mission of pursuing a sustainable and eco-friendly future.

Drone Inspection

Drone conducting inspection near the hub of a wind turbine with spinning blades against a clear blue sky, emphasising high-tech maintenance in renewable energy.

Our sister company, AUAV, has been recognised each year by Drone Industry Insights as one of the Top 20 drone service providers globally. AUAV specialise in leveraging advanced drone and digital technology to conduct comprehensive and efficient inspections of wind turbines.

Using drones for wind turbine inspections brings numerous benefits, transforming conventional maintenance approaches. Drones streamline inspection processes, providing a cost-effective solution for quicker and more frequent assessments. Their efficiency enables faster data collection, aiding in the timely identification of potential issues and facilitating prompt maintenance interventions.

Benefits of using drones for wind turbine inspection:
  • Enhanced Safety
  • Eliminating Physical Turbine Climbs
  • Reducing Downtime
  • More Cost Effective
  • Fast Screening Techniques
  • Fully Recoverable Data for Archiving

Our Maintenance Services

REMO also provides full turn-key decommissioning services for older wind turbines in the UK and Australia.

REMO Technical Services has developed a range of Inspection, Repair and Maintenance service packages.

  • Snagging Remediation Teams
  • Blade Repair & Inspection
  • Multi-skilled Service Teams (Mechanical & Electrical)
  • 500 hr service
  • Wet and Dry Services
  • Retrofit Campaigns
  • Statutory Inspections
  • Scheduled routine maintenance
  • Preventative & Reactive maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Coating repairs
  • Bolting
  • HVAC
  • HV/LV services

Turbine Digital Twin

Quadcopter drone flying in a clear blue sky on a sunny day, with wind turbines in the background over a golden field, highlighting modern agriculture and renewable energy.

AUAV and REMO offer a proprietary web GIS platform named inSiteā„¢ for presenting high-resolution 3D models with a linked photo view for asset inspection. The digital twins provide substantial benefits in enhancing maintenance procedures for wind turbines. By creating a virtual replica of the physical turbine, operators gain a comprehensive and dynamic visualisation of its components and structural integrity.

This technology allows for the early detection of potential issues and predictive maintenance scheduling. Technicians can remotely explore the 3D digital twin, facilitating more efficient planning and repair strategising. Additionally, the digital twin is a valuable tool for training maintenance personnel, providing an immersive and interactive learning environment.

Functions and benefits include:
  • Linked Photo Viewer for Asset Inspection
  • Measurement and Annotation Tools
  • Including Issue Discussion Threads
  • Drone and Satellite Data, GIS and BIM Overlays
  • Overlay Previous Results
  • Embed Videos, Reports or Images
  • Asset Integrity Management Tool

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